Bowlee Park Primary School enjoy a hands on day at Rochdale Sixth Form College

Bowlee Park Primary School enjoy a hands on day at Rochdale Sixth Form College

Rochdale Sixth Form College welcomes 130 children from Bowlee Park Primary School.

The children took part in an action packed day of scientific experiments, thought provoking discussions and musical performances.

The children had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities including making their own ice cream and watching teachers create balls of fire in the Chemistry laboratory; interactive drama classes where the children devised their own scenes and music lessons focusing on how to make the most of their voice. The day culminated in a fantastic performance of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” which was performed for all to see and showcasing of the activities completed throughout the day.

Some children took part in a mini trial and discussed the importance of abiding by rules both in and outside of the school environment with Law teachers and others enjoyed their first taste of psychology by discussing the different personalities in the room, how the brain works and what makes them tick.

As well as  taking part in activities the children enjoyed their lunch at the college before heading home after an exciting day at Rochdale Sixth Form College.

Heather Ellison, Assistant Principal at Rochdale Sixth Form College, said: “It was great to see how enthusiastic the primary school children were and how eager they were to learn and try new skills. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours and hope to welcome them to the college again in the near future.”