The Altus Education Partnership was established in April 2017 by the governing body of Rochdale Sixth Form College; an outstanding A Level provider established in 2010. The college was awarded outstanding status by Ofsted in 2013 and has developed a national reputation for excellence, having been used in Ofsted case studies for sharing best practice. Students at the college make exceptional progress which is consistently evidenced through the college’s position in the Department for Education performance tables; having been placed at the top four times in the last six years and coming second for the other two years. The development of the Multi Academy Trust stemmed from a commitment to raising aspirations and improving the life chances of young people in the borough of Rochdale. The Altus Education Partnership is committed to supporting local children in their academies to progress to a successful career, life and employment path of their choice.

All members of the Board of Trustees share an unceasing ambition to contribute towards providing an outstanding education for all young people regardless of ability, gender, social background, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. The success of Rochdale Sixth Form College is testament to the life changing opportunities that can be afforded to young people through talented and inspirational leaders and teachers, alongside effective assessment, intervention and support. The social mobility in the borough of Rochdale has increased dramatically since the opening of Rochdale Sixth Form College. Prior to the college opening in 2010, the borough was placed 147th out of 150 for A Level performance and The Sutton Trust ranked Rochdale as one of the bottom three local authorities for progression to higher education. Since the college opened, consistently around 80% of students have progressed to higher education each year and the college has received numerous accolades for the achievement of its students including being cited as a model of best practice by Ofsted. The Board wishes to continue improving the life chances of young people in the area by building on this success through developing an outstanding family of schools.

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Our Academies

Our Journey

Over the last eight years, the trustees, alongside the senior leaders of Rochdale Sixth Form College, have worked closely and collaboratively with local schools to share best practice and contribute towards raising attainment within the borough. We have formed close links with senior leaders and governing bodies, and have developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges currently being faced by local schools. Through this we have been able to consider and develop effective strategies to implement within our schools to ensure that our young people are provided with the best opportunities to enable them to progress to an aspirational career, life and employment path.

Our Vision & Ethos

Our vision is ‘to create a family of schools which enables every student to progress to a career, life and employment path of their choice.’ The family of schools will share a collective identity as providers of the highest quality teaching with high expectations of learners, coupled with effective assessment and intervention. Young people in our schools will engage with opportunities to develop their own skills and aptitudes to support their progression, whilst making valuable contributions to their communities. Leaders and teachers will take a collaborative approach, sharing best practice with our own staff and those in Rochdale schools, to continuously improve the performance and outcomes of all schools in the borough.

The values of the Altus Education Partnership will be embedded and visible throughout all of the schools in the trust. Each school will have its own unique identity built around the core trust vision and values.

Excellence in student outcomes, with an acknowledgement that this comes in many forms. An unceasing focus to improve standards of achievement to better the lives of our students

Openness in the way we build trust and bring purpose to our work as a Multi Academy Trust

Accountability through the rigorous, transparent and forensic analysis of our performance at all levels

Collaboration in the way we take collective responsibility for each other and the results of all students - “if one fails, we all fail”