Our Curriculum Principles

We expect our headteachers and principals to ensure excellence for all through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all learners and celebrates our fundamental British values.

Our curriculum principles aim to build aspirations, futures and communities by:

  • Ensuring our academies engage with learners through creating effective, interesting and relevant teaching and learning with a broad, balanced and well-sequenced curriculum which builds students’ ‘powerful knowledge’
  • Securing and sustaining effective, high-quality teaching and learning by ensuring that each academy employs efficient strategies for monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching and standards of students’ achievement and progress, using benchmarks and setting targets for rapid improvement
  • Ensuring that academies use robust key performance indicators to identify and fill gaps in students’ understanding and knowledge
  • Ensuring that effective and appropriate pastoral support is available to students and their families in all academies, removing all barriers to success and developing an inclusive and nurturing approach where all students and the wider community feel welcome
  • Celebrating and promoting diversity within our academies, engaging with the local and wider community to build a sense of pride in our schools, colleges and the areas we serve
  • Securing approaches to behaviour that are based on best practice and in line with Trust values, developing in students a sense of respect and responsibility towards the rights of others
  • Developing students’ resilience and character, along with their knowledge and understanding of key careers information so that they progress to a career, life and employment path which is aspirational